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Laguna Travel Guide - St. John the Baptist Parish Church (Liliw)

St. John the Baptist Parish Church (Liliw)

Liliw Church

The Saint John The Baptist Parish (Lilio Church) in Liliw, Laguna was founded in 1605. The original church and convent were badly damaged in 1880 during a strong earthquake, while the reconstructed church was partly burned in 1898.

Detailed view of Liliw Church's facade

When I went inside Liliw Church, it was as if I stepped into another world. It was very dark and cold inside, but comforting in a way. The only source of light was the weak sunlight filtering through the unique church windows.

Inside Liliw Church Liliw Church's unique windows

For me, Liliw Church was the perfect place for prayers and meditation. I wanted to stay here longer but we still had other places and churches to go to.