Bahay Laguna

Bahay Laguna is a museum in Barangay Bungkol, Magdalena, Laguna that houses the memorabilia of the late Governor Felicisimo T. San Luis, who served as governor of Laguna province for 33 years. During his time, he was known as the "Living Legend of Laguna."

Aside from the memorabilia of the late governor, Bahay Laguna showcases the specialty crafts and signature products of Laguna towns such as woodcarving of Paete and bottled preserved fruits of Alaminos.

The construction of Bahay Laguna was finished in December 1995. The Dr. Floro Brosas Foundation donated a piece of its land for this repository. However, since Bahay Laguna is located in Magdalena, far from the provincial capital of Santa Cruz, people from other towns may not be aware of the museum's existence, much less be able to visit it. I for one, who is a long-time Laguna resident, did not know about Bahay Laguna until early this year (2010). For those who cannot personally go to Bahay Laguna, here are some photos inside the museum: