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Laguna Travel Guide - Bibingka


Just like the adobo which has many versions, there are many variants of bibingka (or rice cake) in the Philippines. But when you are in Laguna, the bibingka of Pagsanjan is the must-try delicacy.

The typical ingredients of bibingka are rice flour, coconut milk and eggs usually topped with grated coconut, salted egg or white cheese. But Pagsanjan's bibingka does not have any of these toppings at all; it may look simple but it really tastes delicious as it is.

The traditional way of cooking bibingka is rather interesting. Instead of the typical gas or electric oven, a clay pot is used; banana leaves are used to line the clay pot and hot coals are put below and on top of the clay pot in order to cook the bibingka batter.

Where to buy bibingka in Pagsanjan? Just across Step-Rite (the famnous shoe store in Pagsanjan) near the town plaza, Aling Emma's store sells yummy bibingka. You just have to buy it early though; the bibingka "sells like hotcakes." It's almost sold out before noon. But there is another newly-opened store that sells equally yummy bibingka: Lina's bibingka, just beside Aling Emma's store.

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