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Laguna Travel Guide - Churches


St. Peter of Alcantara Parish (Pakil Church)

Laguna churches are an important part of Laguna province's history. As with any community established by the Spaniards, the church was the center of the town's life. The church was built in the town plaza, adjacent to schools and houses of the prominent families during the Spanish colonization period. The church bell ususally signalled the worshippers to go to church to attend mass or church services. The bell ringing can be heard throughout the town. Before the advent of modern technology, the church bell was also used to gather the people in the town plaza.

Visita Iglesia in Laguna

There are numerous old churches in Laguna, that's why the province is a popular destination for Visita Iglesia. It is the tradition of visiting seven up to 14 churches during the Holy Week in the Philippines. The map below will help you plan your route for Visita Iglesia and the churches in Laguna are listed below the map for your reference.

Map of Laguna, Philippines

Our Lady of the Pillar Parish (Alaminos)

St. John the Baptist Church (Calamba)

San Isidro Labrador Church (Calauan)
"In 1860, the parishioners of Calauan built a church made of bricks and stone to honor its patron saints San Isidro Labrador and San Roque."

San Sebastian Church (Famy)

St. John the Baptist Parish Church (Liliw)
St. John the Baptist Parish Church in Liliw, Laguna was founded in 1605. The original church and convent were badly damaged during the strong earthquake in 1880, while the reconstructed church was partly burned in 1898.

Immaculate Conception Church (Los Baños)

San Sebastian Parish (Lumban)

Our Lady of Candelaria Parish (Mabitac)

St. Mary Magdalene Church (Magdalena)
Magdalena, Laguna is "Home of the Famous St. Mary Magdalene Church." The church was constructed in 1851-1871 and was made of bricks and stones.

St. Gregory Church (Majayjay)

St. Bartholomew Parish (Nagcarlan)
St. Bartholomew Parish Church ("Nagcarlang Church") in Nagcarlan, Laguna was first built in 1583 of light materials by then resident priest Rev. Tomas de Miranda. In 1752, the second church was built using bricks and stones but the church was partly destroyed by a fire in 1781.

St. James the Apostle Church (Paete)
St. James the Apostle Church in Paete, Laguna has been rebuilt several times due to earthquakes that ravaged the town during the Spanish colonial era. The present church has undergone restorations and renovations since the 1970s.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish (Pagsanjan)

St. Peter of Alcantara Parish (Pakil)
After 35 years of construction, the St. Peter of Alcantara Parish Church in Pakil, Laguna was finished in 1767. The church is popularly known as the home of the Nuestra Señora de los Dolores or the Virgen de Turumba , which was enshrined here in 1788.

San Antonio de Padua Parish Church (Pila)

San Pablo Cathedral (San Pablo)

Immaculate Conception Parish Church (Santa Cruz)

Our Lady of the Angels Parish (Santa Maria)

Sta. Rosa de Lima Parish (Santa Rosa)

St. Peter and Paul Parish Church (Siniloan)