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Laguna Travel Guide - Dalitiwan Resort

Dalitiwan Resort

Dalitiwan Resort swimming pool

Dalitiwan Resort, Majayjay, Laguna

With the scorching summer heat, it would be a great relief to take a swim in a cold spring pool. Dalitiwan Resort in Majayjay, Laguna is a perfect destination for those seeking respite from the unbearable temperature. Dalitiwan Resort has a man-made pool but the water in it comes from the cold springs of Mt. Banahaw. The water in the swimming pool is all natural, untreated/unchlorinated. This cold spring resort is a great getaway for families because of the amenities they provide - cottages for day trips and overnight stay, grilling area, and of course, the swimming pool.

Dalitiwan Resort

Mini-falls in Dalitiwan Resort

Aside from the man-made swimming pool, Dalitiwan Resort also has a natural attraction - the mini-falls where one can stay under for a "back massage." Beware though, the water is sooooo cold! We were able to tolerate the cold temperature of the waterfalls and we enjoyed staying beneath it. But honestly, we were not able to swim in the pool because the water was so bitingly cold.

Dalitiwan Resort waterfalls Enjoying the waterfalls

While in the resort, you will be able to appreciate nature. Lush greens and breathtaking views surround the area and you may momentarily forget the stresses of everyday life.

Dalitiwan Resort, Majayjay, Laguna

We also amused ourselves by having henna tattoos. The service is offered in Dalitiwan Resort and it's quite surprising actually because you would expect to find henna tattoo service in popular beach destinations such as Boracay and Puerto Galera. The cost of henna tattoo in Majayjay, Laguna ranged from PhP 50-300, depending on the size and complexity of the design.

Henna tattoo

Henna tattoo in Dalitiwan Resort

If you intend to go to Dalitiwan Resort, you must bring your own food as there are no restaurants or fastfood joints in the area. Grilling stations are also provided. The resort rates are the following:

Whole day entrance fee: PhP 80 per Adult and PhP 70 per child

Overnight entrance fee: PhP 150 per adult and PhP 140 per child

Native Rooms: PhP 2400 (good for 4 persons) plus entrance fee
Building: PhP 2400 per room (good for 6 persons) plus entrance fee
Nipa hut: PhP 3000 (good for 9 persons) plus entrance fee; with 2 mini bedrooms, c.r. and kitchen
Casa Franco: PhP 3500 (good for 9 persons) plus entrance fee; with 2 beds, 1 extra mattress, c.r. and kitchen; near pool area and parking lot.

Building in Dalitiwan Resort

Building-type accommodation in Dalitiwan Resort

For more information and for your reservations, please contact: 09279956231.

How to get to Dalitiwan Resort, Bgy. Ilayang Banga, Majayjay, Laguna

Dalitiwan Resort map

For a bigger map, see Dalitiwan Resort's facebook page

Dalitiwan Resort Guide for Commuters (from Dalitiwan Resort's facebook page):

Take a bus going to Sta.Cruz/ Calamba (H.M. / Greenstar Bus Terminal):
From Cubao (H.M. Transit) behind Mang Inasal along EDSA right side before Aurora if you’re from Kamias
From Buendia/LRT (Greenstar Transit) along Taft Ave. right side before Buendia if you’re from Libertad

When in Sta. Cruz, Laguna:
Take a jeep going to Liliw/Nagcarlan and take off at Sambat – Majayjay (fare ₱ 17.00)
Take a tricycle going to Majayjay Town Proper – Tricycle Terminal @ A.Luna St. (Special Trip ₱ 70.00 or ₱ 20.00/pax maximum of four )
Take another tricycle to Dalitiwan Resort (Special Trip ₱ 40.00 or ₱ 20.00/pax )


Once in Sta. Cruz, Laguna:
Take a tricycle(P10.00) to Majayjay jeep terminal for P34.00/ person. Take another tricycle to Dalitiwan Resort (Special Trip ₱ 40.00 or ₱ 20.00/pax ) once you are in Majayjay town proper.

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