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Laguna Travel Guide - Delicacies


Laguna is a province famous for its delicacies and delicious food products. Almost every town has its special product with its distinct taste and flavor, owing to the crop or livestock that is particularly raised in the town.

Santa Cruz, Laguna is known for its white cheese or kesong puti; Los Baños, Laguna is famous for its buko pie, while Victoria, Laguna is known for its "kinulob na itik" and salted eggs. How about the other towns? What are their specialty food products?

Here is a list of the delicacies to look for when you happen to pass by or visit Laguna.

Buko Pie
Buko pie is a famous delicacy of Los Baños town in Laguna province. Buko pie is a pastry filled with young coconuts and pudding, much similar to a coconut cream pie, but has no whipped cream topping.

There are are many versions of bibingka in the Philippines but when you are in Laguna, the bibingka of Pagsanjan is the must-try delicacy.

Mer-Nels Cake
Mer-Nel's chocolate cake is the favorite cake in Los Baños, Laguna. The cake is moist and light, while the icing is sweet chocolate with a hint of milk.

Bibingka de Macapuno
Bibingka de Macapuno is similar to the regular bibingka or rice cake but instead, it has macapuno as its filling.

Kesong Puti (White Cheese)
Kesong puti or white cheese is widely produced in Santa Cruz, Laguna, the town of its origin. "Kesong puti is fresh, non-aged, white, soft cheese made from the milk of carabaos or water buffalos."

Monay is a slightly sweet and dense bread that has a hard outer shell. Monay is widely available in many local bakeries but the monay in Bay, Laguna is deliciously different.

Espasol (rice pudding) is a native Filipino sweet treat made from rice flour and coconut strips cooked in coconut milk. The cooked pudding is shaped into cylinders and then rolled into toasted rice flour. It is believed that espasol originated from Laguna, Philippines.

Salted egg

Puto Biñan

Uraro (Arrowroot cookies)
Uraro or arrowroot cookies are popular in Laguna province. These cookies are delicate and powdery, and feel dry on the mouth like puto seko (although puto seko is much drier). Usually, uraro is shaped into flowers and wrapped in a thin paper called "papel de hapon."

Dairy products (pastillas, yogurt, fresh milk)


Cassava cake

Kinulob na itik

Lambanog (coconut wine)

Coconut vinegar

Bottled preserved fruits