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Laguna Travel Guide - Herb Republic Restaurant

Herb Republic Restaurant

Herb Republic is a restaurant that serves organic foods or meals. It is located along the National Highway, Maahas, Los Baños, Laguna. Upon entering the premises of the open air restaurant, you will be greeted by a footpath leading to a pretty garden. The various dining areas are also designed creatively by the owners; one area has paintings and couches for a cozy atmosphere and this ambience is completed by a piano that guests can use while waiting for their meals.

There is a pond with koi fishes beside the dining area wiith the piano:

Adjacent to the garden, you can see rows upon rows of organically-grown vegetables and herbs served by the restaurant; truly, "from seed to table," as their slogan says.

Herb Republic Restaurant serves only fresh, organic vegetables and organic chicken. Health-conscious diners will definitely enjoy having their meals here. For dinner we had Roasted Rosemary Chicken as main dish (costs PhP468 for medium-sized), the reataurant's bestseller (according to the waiter). The chicken was served with three dressings/dips - honey mustard, garlic, and pesto. The chicken's skin was crispy and flavorful while the chicken meat was soft but not too tasty so we had to eat it with the dips. The garlic dip was good but the basil and mustard tasted a bit bitter.

For appetizer, we had Shiitake Mushroom Tempura (costs PhP 175 per order). It was like shrimp tempura that is covered and fried in batter and served with light soy sauce dip. Surprisingly, the mushroom tempura tasted real good! Even my five-year old son wanted to eat it with his rice instead of just as an appetizer. I will come back to Herb Republic just for this mushroom tempura.

We also ordered Fresh Garden Salad (costs PhP 235 per order) that basically contains lettuce and tomatoes served with garlic dressing and "papad" bread (tastes more like crackers because it is crispy). Papad is the popular Indian flatbread that is usually served as an accompaniment to a meal.

Baby bok choy with mushrooms stir-fry was also delicious!

For drinks, we had Mint Watermelon Cooler (PhP 69) and Tarragon Iced Tea (PhP 69). The watermelon drink was good as the mint flavor was mild but the tarragon flavor in the iced tea was too "strong" for the kids' taste (the three of them all ordered iced tea!).

Dessert time! The desserts we ordered were delicious but the serving portions were too small. We just had a few bites of the Molten Chocolate Cupcake (served with vanilla ice cream) and the "paper-thin" walnut cheesecake (costs PhP 75 each).

Herb Republic is an ideal restaurant for health-conscious diners as it serves organically-grown food; most dishes served are vegetarian. 


We came back to Herb Republic Restaurant last December 2012 to try out its updated menu. They now serve pork and meat dishes (they prevously did not). For appetizer, we had crispy stuffed tofu. The tofu was crispy on the outside but moist inside and on its center was a bacon roll. 

Crispy stuffed tofu

We also tried the Basil Pesto Pasta (costs PhP 190 per serving). It tasted good but not great. 

Basil pesto pasta

For the main dish, we ordered Garlic Basil Baked Chicken. It was really very delicious and I highly recommend this. Although a bit expensive because the serving size was small even as we ordered the medium size (PhP 468).

Garlic Basil Baked Chicken

A new dish in the restaurant was Grilled Pork Belly (Pork Liempo, costs PhP 180). The kids really liked this dish. It's a must-try dish.

Grilled Pork Belly (Pork Liempo)

The restaurant also expanded its beverages selection. We tried a new one, the Vanilla Banana Frost. Well, it was not really refereshing and did not taste too good. You might just as well order the Bottomless Lemongrass Drink (PhP 69) or just plain bottled water.

Vanilla Banana Frost

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