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Laguna Travel Guide - Kamayan sa Palaisdaan

Kamayan sa Palaisdaan

Kamayan sa Palaisdaan sa Bay

Kamayan sa Palaisdaan sa Bay in Laguna is a floating restaurant situated along the Bay national highway. It is our favorite restaurant in Laguna for the simple reason that the food is delicious but priced reasonably. We only spend about PhP 1000 for lunch (or dinner) for 3 adults and 2 kids, with leftovers to take home! We celebrate almost every occasion here like birthdays and graduations but we also dine here on regular days just for its good food and ambience.

While waiting for the food to arrive, kids and adults alike can enjoy the wooden slides and swings scattered in the area, or just relax and gaze at the fishes in the pond (uaually contains catfish and tilapia).

Catfish in the pond

Bridge at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Slide at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan

The must-try dish in Kamayan is crispy pata (deep fried pork leg). It just tastes heavenly! You should not miss the chance to try it: its skin is very crispy while the meat is super soft that it melts in your mouth. The soy sauce/vinegar dipping rounds it up nicely.

Crispy Pata (deep fried pork leg)

The ginataang laing is a vegetable dish that complemets the crispy pata; it is delicious by itself, with just the right amount of coconut milk and spices. On the other hand, the chopsuey's (sauteed mixed vegetables) taste is just ordinary.

Laing (taro leaves with coconut cream) Chopsuey (sauteed mixed vegetables)

The pork sisig is also delicious, a bit crispy, spicy, salty and buttery at the same time - it is a symphony of flavors.

Pork Sisig

Bulalo (beef bone marrow soup) at Kamayan is comparable to the famous Batangas bulalo; the meat is soft and tender and the soup is very tasty. Although vegetables are missing from this bulalo:

Bulalo (beef bone marrow soup)

You must also try the Ginataang Tilapia (fish with coconut cream) if you are craving for fish.

Ginataang Tilapia (fish with coconut cream)

For picky kids who only want to eat pork dishes, the inihaw na liempo (grilled pork belly) is the safe choice. You can have it either with barbecue sauce or just plain salted.

Inihaw na liempo (grilled pork with barbecue sauce)

The yummy pancit canton balances all the other meat dishes.

Pancit Canton

Also available in Kamayan: chicken dishes (ala king, adobo sa gata, tinola, etc.); seafood dishes (tuna panga/belly inihaw or sinigang, sinigang/ginataan na sugpo, inihaw/ginataan na pusit); and vegetable dishes (steamed kangkong/okra, chop suey, pinakbet, and pako salad).

For reservations or inquiries, you may contact the following:

Kamayan sa Palaisdaan sa Bay
Km.68.5 Brgy. Dila, Bay Laguna

Telephone numbers:
049) 568 02-55
(049) 827 5335
(049) 827 5336

Cellphone number:

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