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Laguna Travel Guide - Laiya, Batangas - Coco Grove Beach Resort

Laiya, Batangas - Coco Grove Beach Resort

Laiya, Batangas

Welcome To Coco Grove Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas!

When I was searching for a Batangas beach resort with white sand, I found out that Barangay Laiya in San Juan, Batangas was the place to go. I randomly picked a beach resort from Google search and I hoped that my choice, Laiya Coco Grove, would be worth the trip. It took us about 2 1/2 hours from Laguna to reach the resort via Tiaong, Quezon.

Laiya Coco Grove

Laiya Coco Grove mountain and sea views 

Upon reaching Laiya Coco Grove, I was instantly captivated by the stretch of white sand, the mountain view, and the trees. Of course there were coconut trees from which the resort was named after but there were also majestic sampaloc trees that dotted the beach and provided shade to beachgoers. 

sampaloc trees in Laiya Coco Grove

Sampaloc trees along the beach

One of the resort's facilities is the swimming pool. The swimming pool is situated near the beach and it has both a mountain view and a sea view. The pool's depth is 4 feet, while the circular kiddie pool is shallower. 

Laiya Coco Grove swimming pool

There is also a trampoline in the resort where kids and adults alike can jump and bounce to their hearts' content. 


The kids really enjoyed jumping on the trampoline

Aside from the main resort's beach front, Laiya Coco Grove also owns a picnic area where the sand is finer and whiter. This picnic area, called the White Beach, is a 10-minute walk from the main resort but free shuttle service is provided to the guests so they can go there.

Laiya Coco Grove white sand beach

White beach of Laiya Coco Grove

Notice that as pictured above, the sand was indeed finer and whiter in the picnic area/white beach compared to the sand in the main resort. The waves were not very strong and the water was shallow but just the same, always watch over your kids when on the beach. There was also a "secret garden" in the white beach at the time of our visit. I'm just not sure if it's still accessible by now. 

secret garden in laiya coco grove

Secret Garden 

Another activity that we did was snorkelling in the shallow sea. A motorized boat took us to a snorkelling spot, about 15 minutes away from the resort. The boat rental then for 1 hour was PhP 1800. The water was very clear such that we could see beneath the surface but we were a bit disappointed because the fishes were very few. 


During our first overnight stay in Coco Grove (yes, we came back again because we really enjoyed it here) we opted for the tree house accommodation so that the kids would experience sleeping in a tree house. Well, it was not actually a tree house but a traditional Filipino house (bahay kubo) that was built above the ground but beside a tree (maybe so it could be called a tree house). It was rather a bit old and the toilet was only functional but we did not mind since we liked its location (just a few steps away from the beach) and mountain view. 

Tree house in Laiya Coco Grove

The "tree house" in Laiya Coco Grove

When we came back again to Coco Grove, we chose the poolside suite because it has two rooms inside, plenty of space for 2 adults and 3 kids. The suite was also old but was properly maintained and I think the toilet here was much better compared to the one in the tree house. However, it was not really very close to the pool. But again, we did not mind since we really enjoyed our stay in this beach resort.

Pool side suite in Laiya Coco Grove

Pool side suite 

According to Laiya Coco Grove's website, the cheapest rate for a family tree house is PhP 12,500 for a minimum of 3 persons and a maximum of 5 persons. This rate already includes meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The pool side standard suite costs PhP 17,000 for a minimum of 4 persons and a maximum of 7 persons. This rate also includes 3 meals. What I did not like about the resort was we (all guests) were forced to avail of the meals provided by the resort as the food cost was already included in the room rates. The food was plenty (buffet style during our stay) but not too great. Maybe it was their way of ensuring the cleanliness of the place and I can attest that it was indeed very clean in Coco Grove; you won't see any trash lying around.

For more information, please contact Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort at the following:

Main Office:
Open Monday to Friday

21st Floor BDO - Plaza
8737 Paseo de Roxas
Makati City - 1209
Tel.: (632) 894 - 1057 / 892 - 6009

E-mail Address:


San Juan, Batangas:

Km.20 Brgy. Laiya
Aplaya, San Juan
Batangas City - 4226
Contact Nos: 

0908 896-0776
0908 417-7774

Contact Persons: 

Ms. Santa Clemente
Ms. Malou Beltran

Email Address:

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