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Laguna Travel Guide - Liliw Fastfood

Liliw Fastfood

When we went to Liliw, Laguna to shop for footwear, we had our lunch at Liliw Fastfood (as recommended by the locals). It is located along the main street, Gat Tayaw Avenue near the Liliw municipal town hall. Although the diner's name is fastfood, the meals are not - it serves affordable, home-cooked meals such as adobo, menudo, lumpiang shanghai, and tilapia with sweet and sour sauce.

We ordered the combo meal of fried chicken, chop suey and rice that costs PhP 80 per order, excluding drinks. The fried chicken was delicious - crispy on the outside, soft and juicy inside. The chop suey was very tasty. Liliw Fastfood also serves snacks such as pancit, spaghetti, halo-halo and sandwiches. The only drawback was the place was too small. I think there were only about six tables inside the diner. There was no wash room either.

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