Mer-Nel's Cake

Merne's heart chocolate cake

Mer-Nel's chocolate cake is the favorite cake in Los Baños, Laguna. For every occassion (birthday, anniversary or graduation), there is sure to be a Mer-Nel's cake in every household in Los Baños.

Mer-Nels' famous chocolate cake is moist and light while the icing is sweet chocolate with a hint of milk. I have already lost count of the number of Mer-Nel's cake we have bought for the past ten years. Even if we serve it on one occassion after the other, people never get tired of its "chocolate goodness."

Our relatives from Manila make it a point to buy Mer-Nel's cake every time they pass by the town of Los Baños. They buy Mer-Nel's cake even if there is no occassion just to satisfy their craving for it, and I must confess that we also buy the cake every time we want to indulge ourselves. Consumers from neighboring towns of Bay, Calamba, and even Santa Cruz purchase Mer-Nel's cake as "pasalubong," as an alternative to the original buko pie.

Due to its success, Mer-Nel's has two outlets in Los Baños. Its original store and main branch is located at Lopez Avenue (along the way to UPLB) and the second outlet is along the Los Baños national highway near South Supermarket. They also opened a store inside SM Calamba, proof that Mer-Nel's cake is now hugely popular. 

Although it is now famously delicious, Mer-Nel's cake remains affordable. Its heart-shaped chocolate cake (medium-sized) costs PhP 180, while the eight-inch round cake costs PhP 270. Bigger-sized cakes must be ordered to ensure availability (contact number: 049-5361145).

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