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Laguna Travel Guide - Monay


Monay is a slightly sweet and dense bread that has a hard outer shell. Monay is readily available in many local bakeries but the monay bread in Bay, Laguna is deliciously different. Compared to other monay, the one in Bay is very tasty - it has a "crispy" shell on the outside but soft and "milky" inside.

You can eat it as it is because it is already very yummy on its own but of course, you can also  eat it with cheddar cheese or butter depending on your preference. Monay Bay is only available at Tenorio's Bakeshop, located near the Bay Catholic church. It costs PhP 10, a bit expensive because monay can be bougth for PhP 5 in ohter bakeries. But it is well worth it.

People waiting in line at Tenorio's Bakery

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