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Laguna Travel Guide - Pagbilao, Quezon - Silangang Nayon Park and Restaurant

Pagbilao, Quezon - Silangang Nayon Park and Restaurant

Silangang Nayon Restaurant, Pagbilao, Quezon

Entrance to Silangang Nayon Park and Restaurant

Silangang Nayon Park and Restaurant is a popular destination in Pagbilao, Quezon because of its restaurant by the bay (Tayabas Bay). We came here for lunch only; but we should have stayed longer because they also have a bed and breakfast at reasonable rates (PhP 4500 for 8 persons and PhP 2500 for 4 persons). This bed and breakfast in Pagbilao is located on top of the cliff and overlooking the sea. It would have been nice to enjoy the sea view or if staying much longer, go on island hopping to the other beautiful beaches of Pagbilao, Quezon such as Pagbilao Grande Island, Kwebang Lampas and Patayan Island.

Silangang Nayon Restaurant by the bay

Silangang Nayon Restaurant by the bay

Families would greatly enjoy the amenities of Silangang Nayon which include a mini zoo and children's playground. While waiting for meals, the children can play while the adults can relax by the sea.

Silangang Nayon Playground

Silangang Nayon playground

Silangang Nayon sea vew

Silangang Nayon sea view from the main restaurant

The main restaurant by the bay can be reached by walking through a bridge. The foundation is made from concrete so it is really stable.

Silangang Nayon bridge

Silangang Nayon has a unique way of delivering its food from the main kitchen/grilling area to the restaurant by the bay. Instead of the waiters carrying the meals by walking through the bridge, a dumb waiter in the form of a mini-helicopter is used to deliver the food. It is actually an interesting and fun attraction.

Silangang Nayon dumb waiter

Silangang Nayon helicopter/dumb waiter

Silangang Nayon main restaurant  Silangang Nayon dumb waiter

Popeye the Sailorman will greet you at the main restaurant; the dumb waiter

We ordered beef steak and fried chicken for the kids and for the adults, seafood in a basket and grilled oysters. We wanted capiz or scallops but they were not available. 

fried chicken

Fried chicken for the kids. Of course, this is the usual meal for them whenever we dine out. Costs PhP 175 per half order. 

Beef steak

Beef steak with smoky sauce. This was really delicious; the beef was tender and yummy.

Seafood in a basket

Seafood in a basket; we should have just ordered a different seafood meal such as steamed lapu-lapu because there were more vegetables and fried noodles here in this dish than the actual seafood and the taste was ordinary. 

grilled oysters

Grilled oysters; highly recommended! The oysters were steamed first and then grilled and flavored with garlic and butter. The oysters were very fresh. We will really come back to Silangang Nayon just for this oyster dish!

The dishes were reasonably priced and worth the travel to Pagbilao. We only paid PhP 1100 for 3 adults and 2 kids. Plus, the different amenities in Silangang Nayon will surely make your trip worth it. 

Silangang Nayon park

Silangang Nayon Park

Silangang Nayon bed and breakfast  Silangang Nayon cottages

Silangang Nayon bed and breakfast; Silangang Nayon cottages


We went back to Silangang Nayon together with our relatives because we wanted them to taste the oysters and other seafood dishes. Unfortunately, the oysters and fresh scallops (capiz) were not available at that time. The only scallops dish available was the sizzling scallops:

sizzling scallops

Sizzling Scallops

I was really disappointed with the sizzling scallops dish - it was chewy and hard! Regrettably, we ordered two servings of this. We also had sinigang na lapu-lapu (grouper in tamarind soup base) and it tasted just fine. Another ordinary dish that we had was Crispy Pata and it was not even plated in a presentable manner:

Crispy Pata 

Crispy Pata

What saved the day was the Steamed Broccoli with Garlic. The broccoli was fresh and crunchy and was delicious, too.

Steamed broccoli with garlic 

Steamed Broccoli with Garlic

 We were feeling a bit adventurous that day so we tried the ostrich dish – ostrich with mushroom sauce. What a surprise – the ostrich did not taste like chicken at all! The ostrich meat’s texture was like beef, and also tasted like beef. 

 Ostrich with mushroom sauce

 For your reservations or inquiries, you may call Silangang Nayon at:

(042) 7160077 or 0922 8867677


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