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Laguna Travel Guide - Pagsanjan


Pagsanjan Arc

Upon reaching the town of Pagsanjan, a majestic arc will greet you on your arrival. This arc symbolizes the town's glorious history as a flourishing trading center and as capital of Laguna province until 1858.

Pagsanjan municipal town hall

Nowadays, Pagsanjan is considered as the "Tourist Capital of Laguna" owing to its world-famous natural attraction, the Pagsanjan Falls. In the town's official website, Pagsanjan is also known as "The Hollywood of Asia" although I really don't know why it is called as such. Many resorts can accommodate the tourists who visit Pagsanjan such as La Corona de Pagsanjan Resort and Pagsanjan Falls Lodge and Summer Reosrt. Due to the numerous tourists that visit the town, a police unit is dedicated to their protection - the Pagsanjan Tourist Police. Its headquarters is located at the town plaza, beside the municipal hall.

Pagsanjan tourist police

The Pagsanjan town plaza has a uniquely-designed stage, much like a pyramid:

Stage at the Pagsanjan town plaza

As it is considered as the tourist capital of Laguna, a grand terminal and "pasalubong center," where various delicacies and specialty products can be bought, were built in Pagsanjan. Also located behind the pasalubong center is the Pagsanjan public market.

Pagsanjan terminal and pasalubong center

Pagsanjan is a second-class municipality in Laguna, located 101 kilometers southeast of Metro Manila. It is bounded on the North by the Municipality of Lumban; on the South by the Municipality of Cavinti; on the East by the Grand Canyon (Pagsanjan Falls); and on the West by the Municipalities of Magdalena and Santa Cruz.

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