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Laguna Travel Guide - Pakil


Pakil Municipal Hall

Pakil, Laguna, founded in 1676, is a fifth class municipality. Pakil has 13 barangays with a population of 20,242 people in 3,698 households (2007 census).

Pakil Church (St. Peter of Alcantara Parish)

Pakil is popularly known as the home of the St. Peter of Alcantara Parish Church where the Nuestra Señora de los Dolores or the Virgen de Turumba was enshrined in 1788. The Feast of Turumba is said to be the longest festival in the Philippines as it lasts for seven months.

Pakil, Laguna is also the hometown of Danilo Dalena, a famous visual artist who has won several prestigious art contests in the country. Dalena's "House of Paintings," located at Burgos Street just across the Pakil church and town plaza, exhibits his old paintings and art works. Click here to visit Danilo Dalena House of Paintings.

The musical tradition in Pakil was initiated in 1856 by San Pedro Bautista, the Guardian of the Franciscan Order. He established the only Music Academy in the Philippines at that time. Since then, the people of Pakil involved themselves in teaching the youth to sing and play instruments. The quiet town of Pakil is also known by some as “The Little Milan” of the Philippines because of the excellent musicians it has produced up to this day. The prominent Pakil musicians are: Johnny Valero who plays the trombone and Nemesio Regalado who plays the clarinet; Jun Regalado who was crowned "The Best Drummer in Asia"; Janette Basco, a popular Filipino singer; Professors Paulino Cadsawan, Julian Balita and Agapito Celis who are esteemed music teachers; Ceferino Pasang, Luis Vito and Rhea Regalado Yusi who are renowned pianists; Anne Asinas, a world-renowned violinist; and Prof. Marcelo Q. Adonay, known as the Philippines’ “Prince of Church Music.” At present, the Pakil Music Program based in the United States of America helps in promoting the rich musical heritage of Pakil by supporting the music education of elementary school students in Pakil.

Here are some photos of Pakil, Laguna:

Basketball court, Pakil

Basketball court in Pakil's town plaza

Covered court in Pakil town plaza

Covered court in Pakil's town plaza; note the paintings on the wall depicting the Virgen de Turumba and the local people of Pakil.

View of the Pakil town plaza from the church

View of the town plaza

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