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Laguna Travel Guide - Panglao Island, Bohol - Bohol Bee Farm

Panglao Island, Bohol - Bohol Bee Farm

Bohol Bee Farm

Welcome to Bohol Bee Farm!

I have heard (and read!) so much about the Bohol Bee Farm in Panglao Island, Bohol that's why during our trip to Bohol, I grabbed the opportunity to visit Bohol Bee Farm. Fortunately, we were staying at the nearby Dumaluan Beach Resort. So on our last day in the resort, we just directed our rented van driver to take us to Bohol Bee Farm before heading to the Tagbilaran port.

Bohol Bee Farm sea view

Viewing deck or sunbathing deck on top of a cliff in Bohol Bee Farm 

We decided to have our lunch in Bohol Bee Farm before leaving for Cebu City for the next leg of our trip. While waiting for our lunch, we toured around the bee farm. Pictured above is the seaside viewing deck or sunbathing deck where guests can relax or read their favorite books or just lounge and gaze at the vast sea. Since Bohol Bee Farm is situated on top of a cliff, the beach area is very limited. You can't build sandcastles here! If you are a beach person, you may not appreciate this. But if you want a secluded place for your relaxation, then Bohol Bee Farm is the ideal place for you. There are room accommodations here where you can stay overnight or for a few nights.

Bohol Bee Farm sea view

Sea view from the sunbathing area

We also saw the swimming pool in the bee farm. They call this area "The Cave" maybe because it is located indoors. The water in the swimming pool was cold, though.

swimming pool in Bohol Bee Farm   The Cave; swimming pool in Bohol Bee Farm

So what meals did we order for lunch? At the time we were there (November), the buffet was not available so we had to order separately. 

Bohol Bee Farm menu

Bohol Bee Farm menu

We were first served with an appetizer called cab-cab (like big chips made from cassava flour) served with pesto and green tomato. The cab-cab tasted bland. We only managed to eat a few chips but finished off the pesto.

Cabcab with pesto

Cab-cab (cassava) chips with pesto dip

Well, all of us wanted the same meal - spare ribs with garden salad. The spare ribs was delicious and melted in the mouth. The salad was no ordinary salad because it had flowers in it! Yes, the flowers were edible and tasty. But of course, the kids did not eat them. I think bougainvillea and cosmos were flowers served with the salad but I don't know what the blue flowers were. The spare ribs meal also came with organic red rice and sweet potato chips.

Spare ribs with organic salad

Spare ribs meal with organic garden salad and red rice

With the red rice, the spare ribs meal was already very fulfilling. But having sweet tooth (teeth!), we wanted some dessert. The best way to end the meal was with Bohol Bee Farm's ice cream. 

Bohol Bee Farm ice cream

Have some yummy ice cream in Bohol Bee Farm!

The ice cream in Bohol Bee Farm is homemade and has no preservatives, in line with their advocacy of healthy eating. The ice cream cone was also made from cassava flour (cab-cab cone). There are different flavors to choose from such as the usual chocolate, mango, ube, buko and pandan; the uncommon flavors include durian, malunggay and spicy ginger. The kids had chocolate and mango ice cream. Their ice cream were creamy and delicious so they finished in no time. Being more adventurous, the adults had malunggay and durian ice cream. They were also creamy but the malunggay ice cream had an after-taste while the durian ice cream was not pleasant-tasting at all.

Bohol Bee Farm was an entire experience in itself. This is one of Bohol's must-see places. If you can't stay here overnight, dining at the restaurant would suffice.

For more information or for your reservations in Bohol Bee Farm, you may contact the following:

Ms. Vicky Wallace
Dao, Dauis, Panglao Island, Bohol



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