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Laguna Travel Guide - Pho Hanoi Vietnamese Restaurant

Pho Hanoi Vietnamese Restaurant

Pho Hanoi Vietnamese Restaurant

Pho Hanoi is a Vietnamese Restaurant located at Bgy. Halang, Calamba City, Laguna. While we were staying overnight at Sol Y Viento Hot Spring Resort, we decided to have our dinner nearby. We also wanted to expose our kids to different cuisines so we opted to dine at a Vietnamese Restaurant.

Fried Spring Roll

For appetizer, we ordered fried spring roll which contained ground pork and bits of vegetables. We also had fresh spring roll with shrimp and pork, a Vietnamese specialty.

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Roll

The fresh spring roll was wrapped in soft rice paper and it contained glass noodles, lean pork (which tasted like chicken), and a minty herb which cleansed the palate. Dipping sauces were served with the spring roll and the peanut sauce rounded up the flavors.

Spicy Shrimp

According to the restaurant menu, the shrimp with spicy sauce (or tom rim) is an appetizer but we ordered it as a viand served with rice. The shrimp dish was what I liked best as it tasted so delicious, with its various flavors of salty, spicy and a bit sweet.

Fried Pork Belly (Liempo)

The kids preferred individual rice meals. The fried pork belly (liempo) pictured above was crispy and tasty and reasonably priced, too.

Pork barbecue

The pork barbecue was disapponting. It was served without any garnish so it looked unappetizing; it was not at all tasty and on top of that, the meat was too tough! So be wary of this pork barbecue.

Sweet and Sour Pork

On the other hand, the pork with sweet and sour sauce tasted great, according to the kids. The pork was crispy and juicy while the sauce had the right balance of sour and sweet taste.

Pho Hanoi

The waiter/food server told us that the specialty and bestseller of the restaurant is the "Pho Hanoi." It is a soup dish with thick and flat rice noodles and strips of tender beef. It was served with fresh mint (or basil?) leaves and mungbean sprouts.

Pho Hanoi

The noodle soup had all the flavors of salty, sour, bitter and sweet. However, it tasted too sweet for me. I would have enjoyed it more if it had less sweetness to it.

Overall, the dining experience at Pho Hanoi was enjoyable and delicious. The dishes were reasonably priced, too. The appetizers were priced from PhP 80 (fried spring roll) to PhP 280 (spicy shrimp). The rice meals were priced at PhP 75 (fried pork belly) to PhP 120 (sweet and sour pork). Prices of the rice noodles (or pho) range from PhP 170 to PhP 220. The drinks were priced as follows: softdrinks in can PhP 40; iced tea PhP 30; and fruit shakes PhP 60.