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Laguna Travel Guide - Real Find: Fresh Seafood in Real, Quezon

Real Find: Fresh Seafood in Real, Quezon

Fresh seafood in Real Quezon

Fresh fish in Real, Quezon public market

Our craving for fresh seafood hit us again, one fine summer day. But this time around, we wanted the real deal. Only the freshest catch would be able to satisfy us. Our quest led us to the coastal town of Real in Quezon province. It is relatively near my home province of Laguna so we can go there ASAP, plus the seafood is really fresh and affordable.

Seafood market in Real Quezon

Real Quezon seafood market

I found out that we can buy fresh seafood from the Real public market and cook it at one of the beach resorts in Real, Quezon. Alternatively, if we are too lazy, we can have the seafood cooked at the market (dampa paluto style). Real, Quezon is about three hours away (by car) from our hometown of Los Baños. Going there was a breeze as we took the Siniloan-Famy-Real-Infanta Road. There were a lot of scenic spots along the way so we were able to relax and enjoy our road trip to Real.

Wet market in Real Quezon

Real Quezon seafood market

We stayed at the Pacific Recreation Kamp (The PaRK), a beachside resort in Real, Quezon. It is only about five minutes away from the wet market. So after we secured the kids and our belongings at the resort, we immediately went to the market (super excited!) even if it’s so early in the morning to have our lunch cooked there. (Yes, I know, we are too lazy to prepare and cook our meals! Next time around we might bring Manang with us so we can cook and grill right at the beach.)

Here are some of our amazing finds:

Blue crabs

Blue crabs or Alimasag that are delicious when simply boiled or steamed


Large Squids 

Tuna in Real Quezon

Large Tuna perfect for grilling

There were so many fishes and shellfishes to choose from! We really had a hard time selecting which ones to buy because there were only the two of us (me and hubby) who would eat the seafood. The kids were allergic to shellfish so we just bought some Jollibee meals for their lunch. This was the stall where we had our meals cooked:

Seafood Restaurant and Paluto in Real Queon

They have a dining area should you wish to eat your meals there. They also have cooked meals available like adobo, menudo, tulingan cooked in coconut milk, and many others.  

We finally chose to have shrimps with garlic and butter; adobong pusit (squid); and steamed lobster. Cooking time was about 30-40 minutes. The cooking fee was PhP 80 per kilo of seafood, plus PhP 20-30 depending on the cooking method and additional ingredients. For example, they charged us PhP 130 for the adobong pusit and PhP 110 for shrimps with butter. If you will have your meals cooked at the market, it’s a good thing to go there early so the seafood is still fresh and your cooking orders will be prioritized. We took our meals back to the resort so we can eat near the beach.

Shrimps with garlic and butter

Fresh tiger prawns in Real Quezon

I guess these are tiger prawns. So from this...

Shrimps with garlic and butter this. And ultimately...

Cooked shrimp with rice this plate. Look at the size of that shrimp! 

Adobong Pusit

Adobong pusit (baby squids)

Adobong pusit (baby squids). The squid was so tender and yummy!

Steamed Lobster

Fresh lobsters in Real Quezon

Fresh Lobsters

I was not so sure if the lobsters were fresh because some of their heads were almost falling off their bodies. So I just chose the two most intact pieces that I could find. I only spent PhP 120 for these two lobsters and PhP 20 for the cooking fee. Not bad huh?

Steamed lobsters in Real Quezon

Steamed lobsters. The lobsters tasted like crab meat. 

We really had a good time in Real. The seafood was super fresh and the beach resort was a relaxing retreat. I can't wait to go back there soon!

Tip: If you are going on a day trip to Real, bring a cooler or styro box filled with ice.  You can chill your leftover meals here and take them with you when going back home. 

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