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Laguna Travel Guide - Satya Graha Vegetarian Restaurant

Satya Graha Vegetarian Restaurant

Satya Graha Vegan Restaurant

Entrance to Satya Graha Vegetarian Restaurant

Interestingly, satyagraha in Hindi literally means “insistence on truth” or “zeal for truth.” But in Los Baños, Laguna, Satya Graha is a vegetarian restaurant that serves organic, non-GMO and gluten-free international fusion cuisine. 

Entrance to Satya Graha Painting of a lady in Satya Graha

Entrance to Satya Graha Restaurant

Upon entrance to the restaurant, we were greeted by a bookshelf, and on the side, a painting of a lovely lady. I immediately thought that the owners of this restaurant must be intellectual and artistic types, hence the restaurant name of satyagraha.

Dining area at Satya Graha Restaurant

Dining area at Satya Graha Restaurant

The dining area at Satya Graha was open-air; the cool night breeze when we were there was very refreshing. We were excited to try out this vegetarian restaurant because we wanted to try non-meat dishes and to find out if indeed, we can replace our diet with a plant-based one.

Crispy Seaweed

Crispy Seaweed

We started with the appetizer, Crispy Seaweed (PhP 50 per order). It was “crispy” but greasy. I did not like this much. I prefer crispy kangkong over this one. 

Mushroom calamari

Mushroom Calamari

Another appetizer was the Mushroom Calamari (PhP 160). We really liked this dish. It was basically battered shiitake mushrooms that were deep fried in oil. The smoky flavour of the mushroom added a unique twist to the calamari. 

Vegchon Kawali

Vegchon Kawali

For the main course, we had Satya Graha’s bestseller, the Vegchon Kawali (their take on lechon kawali or deep fried pork belly). I guess they used veggie meat for this dish. Vegchon almost tasted like authentic lechon kawali – it was crispy outside but soft and tasty inside. For me, it can pass as a meat dish.  

Grilled veggie honey goose with satay sauce

Grilled veggie honey goose with satay sauce

We also tried the grilled veggie honey goose with satay sauce (PhP 200). We were disappointed with this dish because it did not taste good. It just tasted like pork ham with a sweet sauce. The veggie meat they substituted for the goose was not good enough. I don’t recommend this dish at all. 

Veggie barbecue

Veggie barbecue

Another disappointing dish was the Veggie Barbecue. I honestly thought that “veggie barbecue” would be like grilled fresh vegetables on sticks (veggie kebab) but it turned out that what we ordered was grilled veggie meat with barbecue sauce. The veggie barbecue was tough and too sweet! We were joking around that this should be served as a dessert item. Sadly, we wasted food because we really couldn’t eat it. 

Vegan Sisig

Vegetarian Sisig (Fung Soy Sisig)

Thankfully, the next dish served was very delicious - Fung Soy Sisig (PhP 180). As its name suggests, the sisig was probably made from soybean/tofu.  If we didn’t know any better, we wouldn’t think that the sisig was made from soya. It was like real sisig made from pork bits. This dish is highly recommended.


Pasta with Basil Pesto

The pasta with basil pesto was also very tasty – it was so fresh and light but really yummy. The pesto was very fresh, I think Satya Graha makes its own pesto from the basil in their organic garden.

Drinks at Satya Graha Restaurant

I realized from this food adventure that I want my veggies to be fresh and the meat dishes should not be substituted with veggie meat or any other substitute. There were disappointing meals but there were also great finds in Satya Graha Restaurant. Maybe next time we should not order the fried dishes to avoid the oily/greasy taste; we should also stick to the fresh veggie dishes and not the veggie meat-based ones.

You may contact Satya Graha Restaurant at:

1460 Siving Street, Bgy. Batong Malaki
Los Baños, Laguna
Telephone number: (049)501-3144

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