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Laguna Travel Guide - Sentosa Island Singapore - Part 2

Sentosa Island Singapore - Part 2

At Sentosa Island

Cute fairies at Sentosa Island

After our fast food lunch at KFC Sentosa, we then headed to Images of Singapore, the country’s award-winning cultural heritage center. 

Images of Singapore

Images of Singapore Museum

Through multimedia exhibits, theatre presentations, vintage furniture and photographs, and life-sized displays, we learned how the founding fathers from four main ethnic groups (Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian) created a nation now known as Singapore.

Multimedia presentation at Images of Singapore

Multimedia presentation at Images of Singapore

Multimedia presentation at Images of Singapore

Multimedia presentation at Images of Singapore

It was really amazing how they crated this interactive museum; most people would get bored when visiting a museum but we actually enjoyed our journey here. Observing the various exhibits for about 45 minutes was certainly fascinating.

Singapore Festivals

Some Sinagpore cultural festivals exhibited were the Lunar New Year, Christmas, Deepavali (Festival of Lights), and Hari Raya Puasa (celebrating the end of the Muslim fasting months).

Tiger Skytower

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The Sentosa Tiger Skytower

Also located at Imbiah Lookout is the Tiger Skytower, Singapore’s tallest viewing platform that stands at 110 meters tall and rises at 131 meters above sea level. It ascends so high that even the neighbouring countries of Malaysia and Indonesia could be seen from this observatory.

View from the Tiger Skytower  View from the Tiger Skytower

Scenic views from the Tiger Skytower

The views from the top were astonishing but we became a bit dizzy as the cabin spiralled at its peak. 

At Sentosa Nature Discovery, interactive educational exhibits showcase the various flora, fauna, and rocks that can be found in Sentosa Island. This gallery is actually suited for kids as they can learn so much about nature by sharpening their senses and skills.

Sentosa Nature Discovery

We did not look much at the exhibits; we just strolled along the 1.8-kilometer Nature Walk where we saw towering trees and various plant species.

Sentosa Nature Discovery Exhibits  Sentosa Nature Walk

Sentosa Nature Discovery Exhibit; Nature Walk

Three attractions awaited us in 4D Adventureland – Sentosa Cineblast, Sentosa 4D Magix, and Desperados in 4D. We tried first the Cineblast, a 4-D roller coaster and simulation of an “Extreme Log Ride.” I got dizzy here because the twists and turns of the log ride through rainforests and waterfalls felt so real!
In Desperados, we pretended to be cowboys, riding on motion-based saddles and firing at bandits using hand-held laser guns. The goal was to shoot as many bandits and earn a high score. Well, I miserably failed in this game as I couldn’t aim properly at the target.
The interactive movie that we watched at 4D Magix was “Pirates in 4D.” The movie’s plot was comical and I enjoyed watching it, and the experience was heightened with visual effects, motion seats and other special effects that we actually felt (water splash, rushing wind, etc.).

We were supposed to go to the Experiential Maritime Museum (it was part of the 16 attractions that we could visit) after we watched 4D Magix but it was already so hot in the afternoon and this museum was still a long way from 4D Adventureland. We were so exhausted after walking a lot and trying the various attractions in Sentosa so we decided to call it a day. The other attractions included in the Day Pass that we did not visit/try anymore were: Wave House, Fort Siloso Laser Battle, Bi-pedal Bicylcle and the Flying Trapeze. But I felt that was fine because we actually experienced a lot already from morning until late afternoon and we got value for our money even if we left out the other attractions.

Singapore cable car

Singapore cable car

On our return trip to Vivo City Mall, we rode in the cable car. Fortunately, this was included in the Day Play Pass. It was a bit scary riding in the cable car because it was made of transparent material; we could see that we were really very high up in the sky although the scenery was breath-taking. It became windy so our cable car swayed but thankfully we arrived at our destination safely.

View from inside the cable car

View from inside the Singapore cable car

Our day at Sentosa Island was really unforgettable, one that will stay with me for a very, very long time. If you’re planning to go there one of these days, here are some links that you may find useful:
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