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Laguna Travel Guide - Splash Island

Splash Island

Splash Island in Biñan, Laguna, is the largest water park in the Philippines. It has large water slides and rides for everybody's fun and amusement.

Although we reside in Laguna, last summer 2009 was the first time we went to Splash Island. I don't know why we put off going there so many times before. Anyway, as it was our first time there, we did not know yet what rides were fun or suitable for us (adults) and the kids. The first place we went to was Water Wahoo. It is actually a playground for kids submerged in knee-high water but many adults can also be found enjoying this playground. And I was one of them. It was relaxing to stay under the "waterfalls" for a water massage. Of course, the "real" kids had pure water fun in Water Wahoo as they were able to use the slides here (as the adults were not). Though we also went to other slides and rides, we kept coming back here just to chill out and rest.

Our next stop was the Balsa River. If you want to laze around and just go with the water's flow, this is the ride for you. Just get on one of the rafts/big floaters then float away! Ideal ride after meals or when you get tired of going up the stairs to the starting point of the slides.

For those with adventurous streak, you should try out the Big Bamboo. This slide is a replica of a bamboo tube, the slide is enclosed so I did not know what to expect when I started my descent (on a rubber float). I got the shock of my life! I'm warning you that the drop is almost 90 degrees such that I wanted to scream but I could not. This slide is not for the faint of heart. Plus, you have to carry your own raft for this ride.

My husband and oldest son tried out the dos supremos slide, the tall one that can be seen from the southbound SLEX. I guess they had fun going down the slide but what was not fun was they had to personally carry the big floater/rafts that they used upon descent. It was really tiring going up the stairs leading to the top of the slides (if you have seen the stairs while passing through the SLEX, you know what I mean), add to that the weight of the raft that you have to carry (they were not lightweight at all!). How I wish management could think of a way such that park guests will not have to carry thier own rafts/floaters.

But thank God there was a ride for the whole family which did not require carrying floaters or rafts. It was our most favorite ride of all - the Rio Montanosa or the family raft. The family raft can accommodate up to 4 persons and it was great fun riding on it. We rode on the family raft up to 3 times but it was really exhausting going up the tall flight of steps to reach the top of the slide (how I wish for an escalator too). At least we did not have to carry the raft which was a good thing because it was big and heavy. After we discovered Rio Montanosa, we did not try out the other slides anymore. Partly because we already found the perfect ride for us and partly because we did not want to carry rafts anymore up the tall flight of steps.

The Agos Grandes, a wave pool, is a good spot for both relaxation and fun (imagine yourself at the beach, with sand and crashing waves; there is actually sand near agos grandes). Just let go and let the waves carry you to faraway imagined places. Weird as it may sound, there is no standard swimming pool (one where you can swim laps) in Splash Island.

Aside from Water Wahoo, there are many slides for kids such as Curl-of-the-Orient, Twin Coco Knots & Bannakita. They are small slides well-suited for kids. I actually wanted to try them out but I was not allowed by the staff; strictly for kids only!

Reminders: Don't forget to bring your bathing/swim suits and extra clothes. Be prepared to be soaked in water. It is also important to bring sunblock lotion especially during summer days.


For dining needs, there are many stalls inside Splash Island that will satisfy your hunger. (Important note: you are not allowed to bring food and drinks, even snacks, inside Splash Island so spare yourself the effort of preparing your meals.) First stop is Fiesta sa Pulo, which is like a food court. Kenny Roger's is located here where we ate our lunch. I remember there was a potato corner (french fries) and ice cream kiosk also at Fiests sa Pulo. For those who want grilled foods/home cooked meals, there are many stalls outside the food court that sell these meals (Dampa,etc.)

Here is a list of some food stalls in Splash Island:
# Pops and Fries (Nachos, Popcorn, and Fries)
# Shakeys Pizza
# Potato Corner ***NEW
# Master Siomai ***NEW
# Teppanyaki (flavored rice)

Splash Island is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Sunday. During peak season, operating dates & hours are subject to change without prior notice.

Monday to Friday: open for private functions, corporate events, school field trips, team building or big groups only with a minimum of 100 persons.
Saturday and Sunday: open to the public

Splash Island's one-day ticket entitles guests to unlimited use of all slides, attractions, and facilities. Cottages situated around the park are FREE of charge and are on a First Come First Serve basis except for the Cabanas or the Bahay Kubo cottages which may be rented for a minimal fee.

P 500.00 General Admission
P 400.00 Child Admission/Senior Citizen (with National Senior Citizen ID)/Students (with ID)

Children under 36" are free of charge. Higher rates apply during peak season. Admission fees are subject to change without prior notice.
Splash Island policy prohibits refunds and rainchecks.

Guests who leave Splash Island with the plan to return within the day must have their hands stamped at the exit. The hand-stamp and admission ticket must be presented to re-enter.

How to Get to splash Island

Access this link for the map going to Splash Island:

Splash Island is located at Southwoods Ecocentrum, Binan, Laguna. From Manila, take the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and exit through Southwoods then turn right. When you see a fork in the road after about 50 meters, take the left road. Drive straight ahead and you’ll see Splash Island.

For directions and other information, contact the following:
Splash Island Spa & Resort
Southwoods Ecocentrum Binan, Laguna Philippines
Managed by Global Gutz Parks Philippines, Inc.
(+632) 382.4711 or (+63918) 9129177 Telefax (+632) 68006301

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