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Laguna Travel Guide - Splash Mountain Resort

Splash Mountain Resort

The Splash Mountain Resort in Laguna is located at the Splash Mountain Resort Complex, Km.58 Bgy. Lalakay (along the National Highway), Los Baños. When you come to Splash Mountain Resort for day or night swimming, you can choose from several hot spring pools for fun or relaxation.

For day or night swimming at Splash Mountain, you are required to avail of a cottage or table, depending on the size of your group. For small families, the "Small umbrella" should suffice as it is good for 4 people. It costs around PhP 400. We usually avail of the "big umbrella" which is good for 6 persons and costs around PhP 600. For bigger groups, there are the rectangular table (8 persons), small gazebo (10 persons), big gazebo (15 persons) and clover hut (20 persons). The resort entrance rates are very affordable. For day swimming (7:00AM-6:00PM) PhP 80 for adults, PhP 70 for students and PhP 60 for children. For night swimming (7:00PM-6:AM), just add PhP 10 tor the day rates.

We always come to Splash Mountain Resort to unwind in its many pools. I think there are 7 pools in all - 2 big pools for adults (6 ft deep) and 5 kiddie pools (twin pool, lagoon, clover pool, activity pool). Tha pools' waters are warm and very relaxing. When I take a dip or swim in the pool, I feel like my stresses and cares melt away. They say that the warm spring water is therapeutic; I can definitely attest to that. I feel relaxed and recharged every time we go to Splash Mountain for a day swim.

On the other hand, my kids enjoy playing in the activity pool (playground partially submerged in hot spring water.) There are 2 slides here and many swings and water spouts. Tip for adults: you can also relax at the activity pool. Just find a spot where water flows from above the playground structure, like a waterfall. You can then have your instant water massage treatment! I can also relax by staying at the activity pool's "tunnel" where it is quiet and there are no distracrions. The space is cramped though as it is designed for kids' use.

Splash Mountain giant water slides

Important note: the giant water slides and lazy river are open during summer weekends and holidays only. But if you have a big group (minimum of 100 persons for corporate groups or family reunions), you can book the giant slides exclusively. We tried the giant slides on a Saturday (summer time) and it was really fun! For just an additional PhP 100 entrance fee per person (PhP 180 total entrance fee), we enjoyed trying the four different kinds of giant slides. This is a must-try activity in Splash Mountain Resort. 

The blue water slide pictured on the left is called the Tornado and is 60 feet long. The white water slide is called Twister and is also 60 feet long. Both slides can be used by adults and kids.

Splash Mountain Resort lazy river

Splash Mountain Resort's Lazy River

Splash Mountain Resort giant water slides

Splash Mountain Resort's giant water slides and lazy river

The yellow water slide is called Typhoon (80 feet long) and the orange water slide is called Hurricane Falls (80 feet long).

You can bring your own food/meals/snacks and drinks to the resort. There are also barbecue grills for every table or cottage that you can use to cook your food. But if you don't want the hassle of preparing and bringing your own food, you can order your meals at Splash Mountain's Coffee Shop and Restaurant. That's what we did when we went there recently. It was a spontaneous decision to go to Splash Mountain one fine Sunday; so we didn't have any prepared meals. We just ordered lunch at the hotel's restaurant and the food was great at reasonable prices too. We especially loved the lechon kawali (crispy fried to perfection) and the bulalo with its delectable soup. And they were priced just right. The lechon kawali costs PhP 250/order and the bulalo at PhP 350 per order. Beware of the sweet & sour fish, though. It did not taste too good (mostly sour with catsup taste) and the fish was really hard to chew (I think they used tuna fillet for this dish, shouldn't it be lapu-lapu?).

Another time when we were too lazy yo bring cooked meals at the resort, we just bought our food at Binalot Restaurant in Pansol, Calamba. It was about 15 minutes away by car from the resort. We had boneless bangus, adobo, tocino, and fried chicken all packed individually with rice, tomatoes and salted egg. A note of caution though. Since we bought our food before lunch (around 10AM), they did not taste too good when we ate them by lunch time. So, hard work (in preparing meals) really pays off. Or why don't we just order our next meal at the hotel's restaurant? Sounds good!

We will definitely go back to Splash Mountain Resort soon; it has become our family destination when we want to unwind but are too tired for a long travel.

For your inquiries or reservations, you may contact Splash Mountain Resort at:

Manila Sales
(0908) 812-1400
(02) 751-5378 / 889-7140
Fax: (02) 750-1503

Los Baños
(0917) 583-2993
(049) 536-6397 to 99

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