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Laguna Travel Guide - St. Bartholomew Parish (Nagcarlan)

St. Bartholomew Parish (Nagcarlan)

Facade of St. Bartholomew Church

St. Bartholomew Parish Church ("Nagcarlang Church") in Nagcarlan, Laguna was first built in 1583 of light materials by then resident priest Rev. Tomas de Miranda. In 1752, the second church was built using bricks and stones but the church was partly destroyed by a fire in 1781. In 1845, the church was reconstructed and a choir loft was added by Rev. Vicente Velloc, who also built the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery.

Inside Nagcarlan Church

In most towns I have visited, the church is always beside or across the municipal town hall. It is interesting to note that the St. Bartholomew Church is a few meters away from the municipal hall; the church is much nearer to the town's public market. On the other hand, the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery (designed as a church for funeral mass) built by Fr. Velloc also in 1845 is nearer to the municipal hall.

View of St. Bartholomew Church from the town market