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Laguna Travel Guide - Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort

Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort

Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort signage

Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort is an ideal place for a quick weekend (or even weekday!) getaway. As you may have guessed, this white beach resort is located in Calatagan, Batangas.  I was truly captivated by its white sand beach, crystal clear waters, lovely gardens, and so much more!

Stilts Calatagan white beach
If you are looking for the right place to spend a relaxing and blissful vacation, you should seriously consider spending it at Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort.  Here are the reasons why you should stay at Stilts (based from our experience):

Stilts Calatagan white sand beach

White sand beach with clear waters at Stilts Resort

1. The beautiful white sand beach
I was amazed at Stilt’s clean and well-maintained beach.  The water was also crystal clear so you can see some fishes and other sea creatures like starfish underneath the water, much like a living aquarium.  Take note though that Stilt’s beach is suitable for swimming and wading in the morning only when it is high tide.  In the afternoon, the low tide sets in such that all you can see and walk on are seaweeds.

Stilts Play Cottage

The "Play" Cottage

2. Simple and clean rooms
We initially wanted to stay at a house on stilts; after all, the resort was named after those houses on stilts by the sea. But all of these were fully booked so we had no other choice but to stay at a cottage.  We got the “Play” room that can accommodate up to three persons (PhP 7320/night during non-peak season or PhP 8050/night during peak season).  

Beds at the Play Cottage

Beds in the Play Cottage  Dining area in the Play Cottage

The room was actually nice, cozy, and clean.  We had no regrets booking it. And just look at the gorgeous white sand surrounding our cottage!  From the balcony, we enjoyed watching the sunset, having coffee, and just gazing at the sea. So even though we did not get the stilts room, we were contented to stay at the cottage.

Sunset at Stilts Resort

Sunset at Stilts Beach Resort

3. Amazing sunset and colored skies
We were able to watch the sun melt into the sky from our vantage point at the beach.  As the sun set, we saw various shades of red and orange that painted the sky and made it a work of art.

Sunset at Stilts Sunset at Stilts

 I have seen more spectacular sunsets in other places but still, the one in Stilts is worth waiting for.

Quotes at Stilts Beach Resort Quotes at Stilts Beach Resort

4. Nostalgic and inspirational quotes  
Stilts Beach Resort is filled with quotes that touch the heart and lighten the soul.  As I read them, I was inspired to appreciate the beauty of nature and the power of the sea.  These quotes definitely made my stay at Stilts more meaningful.  I’m sure they will make your vacation memorable, too!

Swimming pool at Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort

Swimming pool (Adult and Kiddie) at Stilts

5. Spacious swimming pool
We enjoyed swimming some laps at Stilt’s large swimming pool.  Even though there were a lot of guests, we were still able to swim because of the pool’s huge size.  Plus, the water was warm enough so it was a pleasant stay at the pool overall.

Restaurant at Stilts

6. The Sweet Spot Restaurant and breakfast buffet
The Sweet Spot Restaurant at Stilt’s Beach Resort serves mainly Filipino dishes.  On our first night at the resort, we ordered the flying fish, which was actually fried tilapia.  We also had a salad and pork barbecue.  On the second night, we only ordered pork sinigang since we had a big lunch in Taal, Batangas so we were still very full.

Meals at Stilts Resort Fried fish at Stilts Restaurant

  On the other hand, the breakfast buffet was simple but filled our tummies to full capacity!  Overall, we were satisfied with it.

Buffet breakfast at Stilts Resort

Breakfast at Stilts Resort 

Buffet breakfast at Stilts Beach Resort

 Traditional breakfast items were served like fried rice, scrambled eggs, sausages, fried dried fish, pancakes, pan de sal, cereals and milk, coffee and juices.  I also appreciated it that they served fresh fruits like watermelon and mango at the buffet table.

Relaxing stay at Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort

Relaxing haven at Stilts Beach Resort

7. Overall sense of peace and tranquility
Stilts Beach Resort’s well-manicured gardens, calm sea, amazing white sand beach, and pleasant accommodations all contribute to a perfectly relaxing vacation.  My stay at Stilts was comforting to the body and soothing to the soul.  I highly recommend Stilts if you want a break from the fast-paced and maddening life in the city.

The Not-So-Good Things

As they say, nothing is perfect.  Although Stilts may have many amazing features, there are also some very minor things that others may find unpleasant.  For instance, low tide sets in in the afternoon, so the water level at the beach is really very low.  There are seaweeds all around and definitely, you can’t swim in the beach.  However, as I said earlier, high tide sets in the morning so you can enjoy the beach by then.

Low Tide at Stilts Resort

Low Tide at Stilts Resort

Beach area filled with seaweeds 

 Another thing, if you are not a dog lover, or if you are scared of dogs (like me), you may find it upsetting that dogs are allowed at the beach area (they are allowed to wade in the water).  Personally, I’m concerned about safety and hygiene issues.  But if you have pet dogs, then this should not be a worry for you.

Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort is definitely the “Sweet Spot” of Batangas.  I will always remember one of the quotes at the resort that says “Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon.”  It is relatively easy to live by the sun, but I still haven’t figured out yet how to live by the moon. Maybe, when I go back to Stilts, I will find out how to.

Here are some more photos that will make you crave for a Stilts getaway:

Houses on stilts at Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort

Houses on stilts at Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort

Directions at Stilts Resort

Viewing deck at Stilts Resort

Archway at Stilts Resort Open air dining area at Stilts Beach Resort

Archway; Al fresco dining area at Stilts Beach Resort

If you want more information about Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort, you may contact them at:
0917-5807653 / 0917-523777
0917-5863343 / 0908-8662254


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