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Laguna Travel Guide - Tagaytay City - Sonya's Garden

Tagaytay City - Sonya's Garden

Sonya's Garden

Sonya's Garden and Bed and Breakfast in Tagaytay City

Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay City is supposed to be the private sanctuary of its owner, Sonya Garcia. But due to popular demand, she has converted it into a Bed and Breakfast, one of the more famous ones in Tagaytay City. Sonya's Garden Lunch or Dinner buffet is also a popular choice for those who crave for organic gourmet meals of fresh pasta and salad. The Sonya's Garden SPA or Secret Pleasures at Sonya's was also built to further pamper the guests.

Sonya's Garden Spa

The red brick road leading to Sonya's Garden Spa. Notice the sign on the right: Children should not go beyond this point.

When I went to Nurture Village Spa with my fellow Nuffnang bloggers, we had a very relaxing facial treatment there and I thought, wouldn't it be wonderful if your whole body was the one being pampered? And so a week after that trip, we went to Sonya's Garden Spa since I wanted to try a different spa facility/service.

Sonya's Garden spa rooms

The massage rooms in Sonya's Spa

 Since it was our first time in Sonya's Spa, it was recommended that we try Sonya's Signature Massage. This signature massage is "a compendium of Sonya’s favorite massage strokes that maintains pressure and focus typical of Shiatsu while executing relaxing Swedish strokes that improves blood circulation combined with stretching movements of a Thai massage." The signature massage costs PhP 879 for 1 hour per person. Since we were a couple, we chose to stay in the couple's room during the full body massage treatment.

Inside Sonya's Garden Spa

The couple's room in Sonya's Garden Spa

It was cool and bright inside the massage room. You could also hear the relaxing sound of waterfall and it was like having your massage outdoors, right in the middle of the garden. The massage strokes were very calming and how I wished they continued for a bit longer. The massage at Sonya's was really a multi-sensory experience. 

After the massage, a very refreshing tarragon tea was served for us. It was the most delicious tea I have ever tasted, so much so that not a drop of it was left! It was already lunch time when our massage treatment ended. So of course, we also dined in the ever-popular Sonya's Garden Restaurant. 

Sonya's Garden Restaurant

Entrance to Sonya's Garden Restaurant

In order to taste everything, we opted for the Eat-All-You-Can set meal which costs PhP 683 (inclusive of taxes) per person. The set meal consists of garden salad, sesame bread, pasta, desserts and freshly-squeezed dalandan juice - an ideal meal for health-conscious guests.

Garden salad and sesame bread

You can create your own salad with your choices of lettuce, ripe mango, cucumber, pineapple, eggs and nuts, drizzled with Sonya's Secret salad dressing. We were able to eat two plates each of this very fresh and organic salad. On the other hand, the whole wheat sesame bread was served warm and fresh with four kinds of dips - basil pesto, bruschetta tomato, anchovies and mushroom pate. 

Sonya's Garden pasta

The pasta was served with two kinds of sauces: fresh tomato sauce and chicken cream with mango. The toppings included salmon belly, shiitake mushrooms, black olives, capers and parmesan cheese. The tomato sauce tasted too sour for me so I mixed it with the chicken cream to balance the flavors. The salmon belly was fried and so it was too greasy. At this point, we were so full already (from the salad) and we did not manage to eat all of the pasta. We were excited for dessert, though.

Sonya's Garden homemade chocolate cake Sonya's Garden turon

Sonya's homemade chocolate cake and banana rolls

There were three kinds of desserts served - glazed sweet potato, banana rolls with sesame and jackfruit, and the "smashingly sinful homemade chocolate cake." Well, the desserts were not so good. The sweet potato was hard to chew, the banana rolls or turon were unexceptional, and the chocolate cake did not satisfy me at all. Or maybe I just had high expectations for the chocolate cake because of its description. But overall, the set menu was worth its price because of the unlimited servings and fresh, organic ingredients. Sonya's Garden also has a bakery and they call this panaderia. It's a habit for Filipinos to bring presents or treats for thier loved ones back at home (pasalubong) so we went in the bakery to buy some bread. 

Sonya's Garden bakery

  Sonya's spanish bread Sonya's pinwheel

Breads from Sonya's panaderia: Spanish bread and pinwheel cookies

Their bestseller was the Spanish bread so I really wanted to taste it. And for the kids, I bought pinwheel cookies. The Spanish bread was a bit expensive at PhP 120 per pack of 10 pieces but it was so worth it. It was buttery and cheesy at the same time.

If you want to stay longer in Sonya's Garden, Sonya's Bed and Breakfast has available accommodations with 14 cottages and 18 rooms. The rates are PhP 3000 per person on weekdays and PhP 3400 per person on weekends and holidays. The rates include complimentary early dinner OR lunch and breakfast. Check-in time is 2 PM and check-out time is 12 NN. 

Sonya's Garden is also open for breakfast from 8 AM to 10 AM and costs PhP 478 per person. Guests can choose from either Filipino style or Continental breakfast.

For your reservations or inquiries, you may contact Sonya's Garden at the following:

Sonya's Country Bed and Breakfast Inc. 
Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite
Contact numbers: 09175335140 0r 09175031080

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