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Laguna Travel Guide - Villa Elena Private Resort

Villa Elena Private Resort

Villa Elena Private Resort

Villa Elena is a hot spring private resort in Laguna near UP Los Baños.  We rented this resort for a day swim during the summer month of April. We chose Villa Elena Resort because of its therapeutic hot spring pools, which are naturally sourced from Mt. Makiling. We also wanted to try a resort located in Bay, Laguna and not the usual Pansol, Calamba private pool.

Villa Elena Private Resort

Villa Elena has three adult swimming pools and two kiddie pools. It also has four bedrooms, ranging in capacity from 2-10 persons. The resort’s published rate is PhP 12000 for overnight use of all five pools and all four bedrooms. However, the resort management is flexible enough to allow us to rent a minimum of three swimming pools (2 adult pools and 1 kiddie pool with elephant slide) and one bedroom for only PhP 4500 for day swimming.

Villa Elena Adult swimming pool

Villa Elena Adult Swimming Pool

Villa Elena Adult and Kiddie swimming pool

Villa Elena Adult and Kiddie Swimming Pool

 The resort use for day swimming was supposed to be from 6am-5pm for day swimming but again, they were generous enough to let us use their facilities from 10am-10pm.

Villa Elena bedrooms Villa Elena bedrooms

Villa Elena bedrooms at the second floor

Additional bedrooms may be availed for PhP 500. Take note that use of videoke and cooking facilities have separate charges; PhP 300 for LPG use and PhP 200 for unlimited videoke use. The resort was spacious enough for our group (about 15-20 persons). There were also two bar tables with chairs and one long table.

Villa Elena bar with chairs

The bar area at Villa Elena

Cooking facilities at Villa Elena

Cooking facilities at Villa Elena

At the third level of the building, the view of the mountain and surrounding areas was very relaxing. The third floor is also suitable for other events and programs.

Rooftop at Villa Elena View from the rooftop

Rooftop (third level) at Villa Elena; view from the rooftop

The kids very much enjoyed playing and splashing in the kiddie pool and the elephant slide. The water in this pool was not too hot and the kids were able to bear it. However, the sad part was, the water in the adult pools were very very hot! We really couldn’t submerge our bodies in the pool; only our legs withstood the scorching hot temperature. Although we expected the hot spring pool to be of course hot (we’re used to swimming in hot spring pools in Calamba and Los Banos like in Splash Mountain Resort), the temperature of the pool's water in Villa Elena was just too much to bear. We waited it out, thinking that by midday or after lunch, the heat would have dissipated so we could already take a plunge in the pool. But we were disappointed because the water did not cool down a bit. So we just ate, slept, used the videoke, and played with our gadgets to pass the time away. By about 5pm, we tested the water and it cooled down just a tiny bit so we managed to dip our bodies in the pool, but not our heads because the water was still fiery hot. It would have been nice to stay here overnight because the water would be nice and warm in the cool night. We stayed in the water until about 8pm and left the resort at about 9pm.

Villa Elena Private Resort

We asked the caretaker of the resort why the water was unbearably hot. He said that the pools were newly-filled with hot spring water that morning because another group rented it the night before. He said that it takes about  two days for the water to cool down. Two days! Oh well it was just our luck that we were not able to maximize the use of the swimming pool due to its unbearably hot temperature. I was a bit disappointed because I was looking forward to swimming and lounging in the pool for a whole day. I really would like to come back to Villa Elena because of its superb facilities but next time, we’ll just have to make sure with the caretaker that the pools are sufficiently cooled down before our scheduled day swim.

Villa Elena Private Resort facade Parking area at Villa Elena Private Resort

Villa Elena Private Resort; parking area

Villa Elena Private Resort may be contacted at:

Asiaville Subdivision, Brgy. Masaya, Bay, Laguna
Contact Numbers:
0917-807-1099 (GLOBE)

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