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Laguna Travel Guide - Villa Sylvia Resort

Villa Sylvia Resort

Villa Sylvia Resort, Nagcarlan, Laguna

Villa Sylvia is a cold spring resort in Nagcarlan, Laguna. Similar to Dalitiwan Resort in Majayjay, the waters in its swimming pools come from the cold springs of Mt. Banahaw.  Beat the summer heat by immersing in Villa Sylvia Resort’s ice-cold pools!

Villa Sylvia Resort, Nagcarlan, Laguna

Kids and adults alike will surely have fun in Villa Sylvia Resort’s main attraction - the double water slides. The slides are high and steep, ensuring that guests will enjoy their stay in the resort.

Villa Sylvia Resort silde

The main swimming pool is big enough to accommodate the many guests that flock to Villa Sylvia Resort especially during the hot summer months. 

Villa Sylvia Resort main swimming pool

There are cottages in the resort that rent for PhP 300-1000 per day. Be prepared to carry your heavy stuff and food as the resort entrance and parking lot are far away from the cottages. The cottages are located near the pool area or near the natural stream, which is way farther away from the resort entrance. Reminder: bring your own food and drinks because there is no restaurant within the resort. 

Villa Sylvia Resort cottages

Entrance to Villa Sylvia Resort costs PhP 60 per adult and PhP 50 per child for day swimming (6AM-6PM); for night swimming (6PM-6AM), entrance costs PhP 80 per adult and PhP 70 per child.

Villa Sylvia Resort swimming pool

You may want to stay overnight at Villa Sylvia Resort. The rates are the following:

Non-airconditioned Rooms
( Near pool area with electric fans & bathroom/toilet)

Camia (no cr): PhP 1000 good for 4 persons
Cabin 1-4:  PhP 1500 good for 8 persons ( with 4 double decks)
Garden room:  PhP 2000 good for 8 persons
Nipa house: PhP P3000 good for 14 persons ( with 7 twin beds)

Non-airconditioned Rooms
(Near parking area with electric fans & bathroom/toilet)

Rose, Santan, and Gumamela:  PhP 1600 good for 8 persons ( with 4 twin beds)
Orchid:  PhP 1800 good for 12 persons
Staff House:  PhP P3500 good for 24 persons ( with 12 twin beds & TV)

Airconditioned Rooms
( Near parking area)

Rosal, Sampaguita and Ilang-ilang:  PhP 1800 good for 8 persons (with 4 twin beds)
Cheryl and Andrea:  PhP 2000 good for 4 persons (with TV & 2 twin beds)
Lucyll and Genevie:  PhP 2500 good for 4 persons (with TV & 2 queen beds)

Airconditioned Rooms
( Near pool area)

Therese, Nicole, Fatima and Chloe:  PhP 2500 good for 4 persons (with TV & 2 queen beds) 
Francine:  PhP 2500 good for 6 persons (with TV & 2 queen beds/1 twin bed)
Katrina:  PhP 2500 goof for 8 persons (with TV & 4 twin beds)

* 30% downpayment is required for room reservation.
* Downpayment is accepted thru bank deposit (bank details will be texted to you)

How to get to Villa Sylvia Resort via public transport (From Villa Sylvia's Facebook page):

From Gil Puyat Station Bus Terminal (Pasay)/Jac/Jam/HM Bus Terminal (Cubao), take the bus going to Lucena to reach San Pablo City, Laguna. Ask the bus conductor to drop you off at SPC Medical Hospital. From there, take a tricycle/jeep ride to the city proper ( church near 7/11 & LBC...take the jeepney going to liliw/nagcarlan...tell the driver you'll go to villa sylvia resort located at Brgy. Banago, Nagcarlan, Laguna.

For Inquiries or reservations, please contact:

Villa Sylvia Resort, Bgy. Bangago, Nagcarlan, Laguna
09984132699 - LALLY
09212086617 - VING

(049) 5631810 - VING/NORMA

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